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Philly By Drone specializes in aerial real estate photography and cinematography in the Greater Philadelphia region. We've worked with many of the most innovative real estate companies, including developers, general contractors, architects, property management, and vendors. Our clients have benefited with accelerated pre-leasing, better informed view-based pricing decisions, strengthened RFP's, and word of mouth.

Philly By Drone offers 3 core drone services:

Aerial Cinematography

Aerial Photography

Clients will often hire us for a new shoot or license our existing photos. Our photos have been used for industry publications (e.g. ENR), sales materials, bolstering RFP proposals, and backdrops of architectural renderings. For other successful uses of drone photography, download the slides from our recent talk at BLT Architects:

Comcast Technology Center - Philly By Drone

Comcast Center

1213 Walnut - Philly By Drone

1213 Walnut

East Market - Philly By Drone

East Market

Vue 32 - Philly By Drone

Vue 32

Aloft Hotel - Philly By Drone

Aloft Hotel

Aloft Hotel - Philly By Drone

1601 Vine

Case Study: East Market 1199 Ludlow

Our drone photography has been used to precisely simulate room views from specific floors and angles for view-based pricing and accelerated pre-leasing.

Charles Norman
Development Manager at National Real Estate Development

"Philly By Drone allowed us to better visualize the views from the different apartments and floors in the building. The images and videos are helping us refine our thinking on which apartments will have the most sought after views and help us arrive at a better marketing and pricing strategy."

1199 Ludlow NW Corner

1199 Ludlow NW Corner @ 290ft

1199 Ludlow SW Corner

1199 Ludlow SW Corner @ 290ft

Case Study: Allan Domb Clickable Drone Photos

Allan Domb Real Estate wanted an innovative way to showcase their listings in Rittenhouse Square. We partnered with Curalate for clickable drone photos. Hover over the image below and click on a building to see available rooms.

Allan Domb
President at Allan Domb Real Estate

"For buyers looking at real estate, the three most important aspects are location, location, location. Take a building like Parc Rittenhouse for example. Within a five block radius there’s probably 75 restaurants. Seeing that visually is really powerful for a potential buyer."

Aerial Cinema

Clients will often hire Philly By Drone for cinematography of buildings during and after construction. We've licensed our cinematography to many of the leading brands like L.F. Driscoll and Foster + Partners. We have an in-house production team fully capable of editing showroom-ready videos.

Comcast Center

FMC Tower

Pottruck Center

University City

Bridge on Race

Tower Bridge Properties

Case Study: 1213 Walnut Leasing Office

Our drone cinematography is being displayed in the 1213 Walnut showroom, managed by Bozzuto.

Anthony Barone
Property Manager at Bozzuto

"One night I left the TV on with the drone shots of 1213 Walnut on repeat. The next morning when I walked into the office, I had received emails from pedestrians who had walked past the showroom at night and were amazed by the drone video."

Aerial Panoramas

Philly By Drone’s interactive aerial panoramic photography shows exactly what you will see from any floor of your building before it’s built. Views can be shot from distinct building levels, different floorplate locations, and at specific times of day to highlight different view corridors to full effect.

Our aerial panoramic photography is best utilized in the years before your development breaks ground, and can continue to be used throughout the life of the project. Our software engineers provide end-to-end integration of our aerial panoramic photos into your website and showroom.

Value for Developers

View-Based Pricing

Sophisticated developers are using pre-construction view imagery from multiple building heights to drive pricing strategies and maximize a project’s financial return. For instance, in a recent project for a Center City high-rise that had not broken ground, the development team had assumed that the north-facing units had the best views, so had discounted the other directional facing units. After seeing our interactive aerial panoramic photos, the team quickly realized that the south-facing units actually had a more pleasing, unobstructed view, so the team quickly adjusted the south-facing unit prices.

Investor & Lender Buy-In

Investment performance and market viability are central to any real estate development and drive the entire financial decision-making process. The use of aerial view and panoramic imagery significantly raises the level of sophistication and due diligence that has been invested into a project and can be used to assure investors and lenders of a project’s ultimate success. Especially when developing in dense urban sites or working with lenders and investors who might be less familiar with Philadelphia, aerial view imagery helps allay concerns and can help justify the pricing assumptions that support a project’s financial projections. By conveying a project’s real world visual context to their equity and debt partners, developers increase their chances of securing capital for their projects and moving from vision to reality.

High-Impact Presentations

A picture is worth a thousand words (and a panoramic drone picture is worth a thousand pictures). Aerial and panoramic images add striking, high-definition realism and create convincing, immediately accessible presentations that help the audience “see” the end product. Our aerial photos can be used as standalone photographs, incorporated into rendering backdrops, or as interactive 360 degree visuals.

Accelerated Pre-Sales & Pre-Leasing

Time is money, especially in real estate. Construction financing and a project’s carrying costs are adversely and significantly impacted by drawn out pre-sales or pre-leasing periods. Aerial and panoramic photography can significantly accelerate this phase of the development cycle. The ability to show real views, rather than renderings or “representative views” removes uncertainty in the eyes of prospective end users, enabling them to make decisions more quickly and confidently.

Experienced development teams recognize that investing early on in this specialized aerial photography yields benefits that can be applied throughout the entire planning, design, development, financing, and marketing process. More and more developers are realizing that aerial view photography is no longer an investment that only makes sense for high-rises or luxury projects. They see it as an essential tool that improve the entire development process and benefits the success of each project they launch.

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"Incredible drone photos capture Comcast Tower, East Market, and more."

...Offering views that a majority of us would never be able to see under normal circumstances.

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